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Sterling Jewelry Care

How to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Light and air are sterling silver’s biggest enemies so it’s best to keep your jewelry in a soft, non-tarnish bag in a drawer. Sterling is a soft metal so put each jewelry piece in an individual bag so that the pieces will not scratch each other. Placing a small piece of chalk in your drawer will draw moisture, and lower the humidity level of the drawer, which will help slow the tarnishing process.

Wearing your jewelry is one of the best methods of retarding tarnishing. Put your jewelry on last after any fragrance, lotions or hairspray. Since sunlight hastens the tarnishing process, do not wear sterling silver jewelry at the pool or beach.

Use a silver polishing cloth or any soft, lint-free, non-abrasive cloth to clean your jewelry. Do not use tissues or paper towels as their fibers can scratch your silver. When you take off your jewelry it is best to clean it before you store it. Wipe each piece in long strokes, and do not polish in circles as it can amplify scratches. Use a clean section of your cloth so as not to put the tarnish you have just removed back onto the jewelry. A little bit of care and your sterling silver jewelry will stay beautiful for generations!