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About Us

Silver Pansy is a family company founded and owned by sisters, Cheri Earnest and Karen Bradley. Their affordable fine jewelry actually got its beginning when they were young girls and were allowed to try on their grandmother’s beautiful jewels and to hear the wonderful stories about each. Their fondness for heirloom jewelry and the stories carried over to Silver Pansy. They are now creating contemporary heirlooms to be passed down to future generations, along with the stories the pieces will engender. Each piece of Silver Pansy jewelry has a story behind its creation, and it is the hope of Silver Pansy that the new owners of their jewelry will develop stories of their own to pass down to their heirs.

Cheri is the exclusive designer and creator for the Collection. She studied artisanship from the jewelry artist for whom she worked in the early years of her work career. He taught her to have an eye for detail. The meticulous artistry Cheri learned more than 25 years ago is expressed in the Silver Pansy Designs of today.

In addition to designing the Silver Pansy Collection, Cheri accepts commissions for custom work, and she enjoys working directly with clients to create a memorable piece for them. Contact her at

The contemporary heirloom jewelry of Silver Pansy Designs is waiting for you!