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About Us

Silver Pansy Designs was created from the fascination that Cheri Earnest and Karen Bradley have for gemstones and fine jewelry. Growing up, the sisters spent a large amount of time with their grandparents, Nana and JoJo. Their grandfather was a road contractor who raised Angus cattle as a pastime. But, he had a gentle aspect to his personality, and his wife was its heart. She was his muse for the exquisite jewelry he designed.

The two sisters treasured time spent at their grandparents’ home, and loved being allowed to go through Nana’s jewelry box and try on the sparkling gems. She taught them about fine jewelry, and she insisted that, as young women, each have their own jewelry pieces so they would learn to care for fine things. They learned to love heirloom jewelry and the stories the jewels told. Karen and Cheri now wear Nana’s jewelry, and delight in the memories they generate. Her beautiful collection encouraged a love of jewelry for both sisters.

Over 10 years ago, Cheri began to feel the need for a creative outlet and, when she began creating bracelets and earrings for her family, friends and acquaintances asked where they could buy the jewelry. Her artistic stirrings, combined with the cherished memories of Nana’s jewelry, provided Karen and Cheri the impetus for the birth of Silver Pansy Designs.

Cheri is the exclusive designer and creator for the Collection. She studied artisanship from the jewelry artist for whom she worked in the early years of her work career. He taught her to have an eye for detail. The meticulous artistry Cheri learned more than 25 years ago is expressed in the Silver Pansy Designs of today. She finds inspiration in antique heirloom jewelry as well as in the area of her home in the Missouri Ozarks.

In addition to designing the Silver Pansy Designs Collection, Cheri accepts commissions for custom work, and she enjoys working directly with clients to create a memorable piece for them. Contact her at

The contemporary heirloom jewelry of Silver Pansy Designs is waiting for you!